Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Musing

A recent trip to the thrift shop left me with a pocket full of buttons.  I especially liked the itty bitty gingham covered ones, which numbered five.  I also found a black viscose scarf with tassels  and a few scraps of dirty and grungy fabric to add to my 'stitching stories' pile.

I found a lot of yellow buttons to add to my depleted sunny jar.

And I resorted some buttons I already had, as I have become quite lazy where tossing them back into the jar they came from is concerned!
Buttons already in my collection

Despite an off and on again sinus-headache-watery-eye thing this weekend, I got a fair amount of stitching done. Walking Zack  is almost complete. Backstitching should commence tomorrow.  I also ripped apart four pairs of jeans that my son wore beyond repair (where jeans are concerned anyhow!) and a few tshirts met with slicing and dicing scissors, some pieces going to the rag bin (no more paper towels in this house!) and some of the better bits of cotton were set aside for some other project, yet to be determined.  

Tonight? Falling Skies, then a bit of story writing, and maybe a strong cuppa. 

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  1. RE: Our mutual "FANTASY" -- After Your meeting with the IRS when You *WIN* the POWERBALL, We'll definitely "CHAT"!! ;-D


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