Wednesday, July 11, 2012


While I don't have any images to share, I have stumbled upon a few fun places to visit!

Social Fabric: The Textile Museum of Canada  (Looky looky Auntie S!)

Past Imperfect  (The art of inventive repair)

Indian Heritage

While in Fargo, we stopped at a shop (that I cannot recall the name of just right now!) that had the most colorful and interesting jewelry and textiles, most of which were fair trade. Some of the pillow covers, bags and throw blankets were made in the style of boro cloth, and were amazing. When we move Nate in August, I think I will make another stop and a few purchases! I will be sure and photograph and share the eye candy.

We also stopped at a few thrift shops, and I found a new bag that is big enough for my "purse" stuff, my notebook, sketch pad and pencils too.  I also nabbed this beautiful scarf in cream, I think it is linen, no tag on it so I have to give it another feeling up to see if I am right. A few other textile tidbits, someloosely woven and worn through napkins colored indigo , a single cream cloth napkin that has a very interesting smocking pattern in it. And, finally, I found four gently used summer tops. 

Now its time to hop back into the stitching! I hope to have Walking Zack wrapped up and out by the weekend, and then I'm not sure what I'm moving on to. I see another bird in my head, but I've yet to stitch him up! 

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