Friday, June 1, 2012


Today I finished Roses & Cobblestone, the second bit of slow cloth I was working on. Now I just need to decide what to do with the both this new piece and the first one I did.  I think they would make interesting bags, but they are really light so I would need to put them down on some sort of stabilizer or foundation fabric, and that just feels to me like it would take away from the fragile feel of the work. 

There is a similarity between the two pieces, so maybe I will work them together, and keep working it until I have a wall piece. I've a few more pieces of floral-themed handkerchief bits, so I think this idea might be worth exploring further. I am seeing this huge wall installation in my head, or at least parts of it! 

I also stitched a bit more of Ghoulie Parade.  Not sure how much stitching I will get done over the weekend as I will be working at the group home tomorrow and Sunday is my mom's 70th birthday party!
So I have baked beans to make and a veggie tray to put together at some point.  There might be an hour or so tomorrow night to sit down and pick at something.

I ran across this image and in trying to think of something else to do with slow cloth and hand embroidery, I am seeing something in this, a bit of potential. I received some beautiful hankies from a new stitching friend, and i think they might work for this. More on this as it develops.

Yes, it has been a good start to June. I'm feeling pretty good about my accomplishments today.


  1. HAPPY B-DAY to your MOM!! :-D

    BTW, instead of a Wall-Installation, have you considered a Screen..? A sort of tryptic thing.. IT would be viewable AND functional.

    1. Ohhhh! YES!! You see, me and my daughter have decided to redecorate after the boy child leaves for college in North Dakota in a couple months, and I was trying to figure out what to do with my living room windows. We're both sort of gyspy-hippie-bohemian-ish in nature, and I think that your idea would work. Or maybe in the dining room....hmmmm....*thinks* Thanks for the suggestion, sugar!

  2. Hi Carolyn, Thank you for stopping by my Blog as it gave me a chance to find yours! I've added you to my favorties so I can keep up with your beautiful stitching. I am so excited that I found the pictures of your Slow Cloth as I just adore them. Can't wait to get started and share with you my first piece.

    1. Thank you, Nicki! I was so excited to find your blog too! Looking forward to sharing and learning with you.


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