Monday, June 11, 2012

finding joy

I've been spending some time whittling down my personal Facebook page, getting rid of things that I am not really sure why I 'liked' (although I am sure I had a reason when I did) and getting rid of friends that really aren't friends, as I've not spoken to them beyond the initial acceptance of my (or their) friend request. I debated getting rid of the thing all together, but as my kids are still there and I've a few friends miles away that I'd like to stay in touch with, I have decided to leave it up, but bare bones.

The time has come to spend more time stitching. More time reading and learning and exploring. I've stacks of books I want to devour, images of designs in my head that need to be sketched. Cloth that needs to be created. I want to paint again. And draw. I need more time in the woods.  I want to finish writing my novel.

While I believe that there is much to be gained by spending time online, I've spent too much time doing things that take away. Time wasters.  It's time to change that.

And so, it began today.

This afternoon I stitched. I spent about two hours working on Ghoulie Parade. I stitched slowly and thoughtfully. I gave no thought to when I might get the piece done. I put no deadline on myself. You'd be amazed how much I accomplished.

I wrote.  Finished working through my first draft of Little Leaf. After that, I did a bit of research about agents and publishing and found some good information that I think I will dig a little deeper into tomorrow.  I also wrote a bit for the story I am creating with my friend Brenda.

This evening, while I watched The Diary of Anne Frank, I continued my work on my slow cloth, and found myself thinking other pieces I might do in the future, both for the window treatment I am doing for myself and things I might try to do to further myself as a textile artist. 

And finally, a website I came upon, loveFibre, the artist,  Fiona Dix. The image is one from her site, a loom weaving she did. I have thought often of getting a loom. I loved to weave when I was younger, and with my current fascination with sustainability and using every bit of what I have, weaving seems a logical exploration. 

That's all for tonight! More tomorrow!

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