Saturday, May 19, 2012

thrift store and herbs galore

This morning I finally went and bought the first of my herbs and got them potted; sweet basil, globe basil, thyme and oregano, a bit of rosemary and this year I also tired a little summer savory. I also planted a few marigolds and other annuals and hope to fill out the flower box this week.

As soon as my daughter returns with the camera, I'll shoot some starter pictures!

I also stopped at the thrift shops today. Found a few goodies, including a book called
Weaving Designs for Needlepoint by Sally Nicolleti from 1978.

Chock full of motifs from various cultures, the book has lot of needlework designs that I think will  translate to  cross stitch. I have been looking for a source book for a long time with decent motifs that I can rework into pillow covers, bags and the like. So yep, was really rather tickled when I  found this gem tucked into a basket at my very first stop of the day!!  Another addition to my art library!

I also found two bags of wooden beads and some fun vintage handkerchiefs.  I think I might work a little more slow cloth to make  part of the garment for her...

I found this primitive, muslin doll form at the shop as well and started painting her face this afternoon. Hope to get a little more done later today after she dries.

Meanwhile, I think I need to lay down a few more stitches on Ghoulie Parade, and then maybe  figure out a little more of the quilt I'm doing for Irish Quilting Magzine.  After figuring out the layout and the measurements, its time to get all my supplies. Too many fabrics out there to choose from!  I am leaning a little more toward batiks.

Stitching the four cross stitched blocks will begin next week (I hope!) as I have a few days off with my brother and his family visiting. I always seem to get so much done whenever they are home. Weird, I know, as it should be just the opposite, but I am really creatively motivated when my family has the good fortune of all being together!

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