Sunday, May 20, 2012

bits of this and that

I am feeling really...I don't know what. I am all over the place creatively. I've been staring at my stitching for about two hours this morning and haven't made a stitch. I haven't wanted to sit down and read or write even though I have tried.

Even the Golden Girls aren't cheering me up--and my coffee has gone cold before I even finished the first cup.

I don't feel sick, other than the usual suspected arthritic all over achy thing that I've been living with forever. I'm just really tired. I guess I feel disconnectedI wish I could go outside, but its stormy. Maybe later. 

Tomorrow my brother and nephews come home. Hopefully that'll give me some spark. 

Today I think I'll just wander the web and see if anything touches my senses or stirs me enough to climb out of this funk. 

I'm going to post again later and list what I find...


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