Saturday, May 26, 2012

mostly good news!

My brother was able to recover most of my files from the old hard drive...most importantly, all of my pattern maker 4 stuff and cover graphics for the chart packs so I was breathing a little easier by mid morning. However, I can't get my Adobe Creative Suite software running on the new lappy as I have "exceeded my installations" unless I deactivate it off the old laptop. Well, we can't exactly get on the old lappy to deactivate! So we're still working on that.

So tomorrow, I can get back into stitching Ghoulie Parade and can hopefully get some pictures posted of the newest slow cloth work.

As I mentioned in my last few posts, I have been struggling with my creative spark.  In surfing around, I came across a site called Stitchin' Fingers. (See badge on side column).  There are a lot of really neat things over there, and I am really excited about exploring more there in upcoming days.

I also have a few new crochet necklaces I am finishing up and hope to have them done yet this weekend. Maybe tomorrow as I am waiting for the kidlets to roll their butts out of bed so we can go back down to my mom's to spend one of our last days with my brother and his boys.

I'm just feeling soooo much better now that I know my patterns are all okay.

And the flash drive has already been inserted for back up!


  1. YAY! Glad your data SURVIVED! I sympathize! Been there, LOST that!! **MISS**-PRINTED-MANUALS!!

    oh! BTW, checkout my 26May post - found a gorgeous little Needlework! I have to try to get better pics of it. :-D

  2. I read a little in your blog, not much, because I am getting my luggage ready for a 4 weeks vacancy - but what I read I love - the feeling of having to do something, creative, nothing useful, just to create - exactly my feelings, too.


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