Friday, May 11, 2012

long week!

I wish I could come running in here and say that I got this done and that done and then I started on this and then that. Truth be told, I can say I got this done. Not so much 'that'...and I started this, but never got around to starting 'that'.  (Did I mention it has been a long week??)

With the boy child out of town to play tennis and the girl child playing golf, I will have most of tomorrow to get around to other this and that.

Mother's Day on Sunday. I think my kids are going to get me breakfast in bed, which will probably mean a bowl of Captain Crunch and one of my crochet flowers in a vase. IF either get out of bed in time to serve me in the first place!

I've been writing quite a bit, and that has really felt good. I don't know if it is a story I will share eventually or not. It's just a tale that has been occupying a fair amount of space in my noggin' for awhile now. I am having a lot of fun researching old fairy tales and other folk tales and putting my own spin on them. Eventually, I hope to write a story and illustrate it myself.

Grandma Lorraine in Spokane. She found kitties in a box in an alley and I believe she found homes for them while visiting  there!
I have been especially drawn to Native American legend and culture, and I even practiced (incorrectly, I am sure!) a few Lakota words.  I told my mom about my fascination, and she told me that my Grandma Lorraine would be proud of me, as she too had a deep interest.  I never knew that about her.  
It made me smile.

Great Grandma Emma and Grandma Lorraine

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