Thursday, May 3, 2012

charting, stitching and dreaming

This morning I worked for awhile on my cardinal design and almost finished it. Am hoping to get back to it tomorrow morning for a bit and then wrap up the editing and chart cover work over the weekend. Hope to have it available to stitchers by Monday! (important word there...*hope*) I've been getting distracted on the weekends lately by a lot of junk and then Monday hits and I'm blinking and groaning because I lopped off two days and had nothing to show for it!

I've been looking ahead to what I want to get done in upcoming months, and decided the first design I would take care of would be the 2012 installation of the Halloween "Walking" series. Joining Walking Jack (2009), Walking the Bat (2010) and Walking the Cat (2011)  will be Walking Zack!

This of course is the first chart, so there will probably be a few changes before I stitch and -while- I stitch!

Late last night (after the storms blew through!) I set up another blog, which is linked to this one, but it is all of my writing *schtuff*  I decided to separate my stitching-sewing-crocheting adventures from my writing and reading adventures.  So Refashioned Fairytales & Other Assorted Scribbles (as told by the Wandering Windy Cacket) is where I will be working on my word-smithing. I'm kinda all giddy about it.  It lends itself to that whole "get your silly arse focused" thing...writing has always been a tried and true way of corralling all those scattered bits of Cari.

I'm whipped tonight though, and while I *should* stay up for a couple more hours so that I can sleep through the night, I think I'll take my book and go curl up. If I zonk, I zonk!

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