Saturday, April 14, 2012

sorting through my buttons

This morning I busied myself with getting the buttons ready for Tweet! I ran across one small and sweet little red button that appeared to be covered in crochet. And so, as you might have guessed, that got me to thinking. Can I do that? (Crochet covers for buttons, that is, not *think*!)  So, I grabbed out some of my bigger buttons for this round and decided to try some smaller, daintier bits for later, and found myself pleasantly surprised with how quickly they hooked up. I managed two sets so far....

1.5", covered with Silk & Cream Thread, a 50% wool, 50% silk blend perle weight thread

1", covered with Silk & Cream and velvet thread

These were really fun to make and kind of a neat way to give new life to recycled and found buttons! I have a lot of shank buttons that I have been trying to do something with. I might give a few of those a shot yet this afternoon seeing as I just couldn't be bothered to get dressed and go out to do anything else today!

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