Thursday, April 12, 2012

phone pictures & time with my tree

I have separated my blog from my facebook page by deleting the networked blogs.  This space here is about more than my needlework, and after thinking about it, I was really censoring myself here because I knew what I wrote here would find its way to FB, and often what I want to put down here has nothing to do with my needlework designing! Back when I created my blog, I wanted to explore and play and rant and breathe. So here goes!
plastic bag

In thinking about ways to stir up some creativity (as I've been feeling quite s  l  u  g  g  "ishy"  and lazy and meh. as of late) I decided that I was going to snap three pictures a day with funky little flip phone, bring them home and play. Just for giggles.  And here's today's results.

bottlecap on sidewalk

While sketching today, I had this A-hA! moment. I wanted to do something really organic and different and wonderful with the blooms I have been crocheting. I *think* I have discovered something worth futzing around with, and the idea took me down to the woods which was wonderful. First time that I have been down to see my tree since last November...

He's not entirely awake yet from his sleep, the first buds starting to show. As mild as our winter has been, I forget that its only April and he wouldn't have his full and glorious green mane yet!  After a short visit, I continued on and made my way along the path to gather my needed goodies to see to the A-hA! Now I am off with said goodies to see to that oh-I-think-this-will-work! idea.

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