Monday, April 16, 2012

flip-phone-photos & slow cloth

Gah. I didn't get to Hobby Lobby today for floss or sock wool. It was just too cold and windy to do much more than get in my truck after work and come on home.  There are always other things that I can putz around with of course, and so, I did.  

I have this long-standing fascination with slow cloth, and have been enjoying the work I've been doing off and on with a piece that I am making from vintage handkerchiefs that have grown beautifully thin or tattered. The pieces are coming together and this new piece of cloth is slowly evolving as result.

Very relaxing and satisfying, this work.

At work today I was drawn to the floor, or rather, to the lights reflecting on the floor from the bright lights overhead. For my flip-phone-photo exercise today, I took a few pictures--you guessed it-- of the floor. And then I played around with shaped and blocks of color.  
Tonight I think I will work a while on the slow cloth, and then perhaps I will curl up with a book given to me today at work, A Night To Remember, by Walter Lord, a Titanic story.  Only problem is, I'm a tad bit sleepy and am afraid I might just doze off.  And that, come to think of it, might not be such a bad thing either.

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