Friday, April 6, 2012

crochet flowers & jewelry

 I've gotten a few emails about art and craft shows coming up, and I realized I have nothing ready.  Lots of things for fall and winter, but I need to create lighter fare for these shows. I just don't understand why people don't want to try on wool stocking caps when its 90 degrees out!

As the spring cleaning continues, I came across a tub of crochet motifs I had done some time ago and decided I need to do something with all these stray bits. A couple years ago I did these little flowers with 6 strand embroidery floss, and I found a bunch of blooms that I had not put stems on yet. There are some larger, heavier crochet  flowers too that I am going to try and finish off  as well.

I had started some crochet jewelry for myself as well, and I finished a couple of those this morning...

I have always loved to crochet little bits of this and that, motifs, flowers and circles, granny squares...these necklaces are made up of the center pieces of granny squares. The one on the left is a wool, the other, cotton. They are really a light necklace with an earthy, tribal feel to them. Good way to use up my scraps!

Did a fair amount of stitching as well this morning. A good, art-filled day!

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  1. COOL! :-D

    Yeah, *what* IS that about not wanting to go near "wool" in July? Ozzies & Kiwis don't have that problem! ;-D ...or, SHEEP!


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