Saturday, March 17, 2012

windows open on St. Patrick's Day?

Windows are open, and while it is overcast, it is breezy and wonderful...the air is sweet and clean, and I am left wondering if it is March or May!  I spent time cleaning today, working through my crafting stash and figuring out just what I really wanted and what had been sitting too long. (My intentions are always good when I bring things home!)  I sorted through my buttons and beads, and took a good hard look at my broken jewelry stash and decided it was time part with most of it. A few auctions put up on eBay...
...and now I will have room to bring out some of my other needlework related things so I actually *know* what I have on hand!  I know that in a few months I will probably be going...*why* did I destash?? But I with the new year I had made a decision to try and reel myself in and concentrate a little more on the needle arts, and so this is another step in that direction. 

In other news... as I mentioned before, I started working for the school district in special education, but late this last week I made a change and am now in the media center. (around all of those books! WhooT!) The change in hours has allowed me to get some stitching and designing done in the mornings which has always been my favorite time to create. 

The bluebird design...which I have now named  Tweet... is coming along nicely. I made some changes to the  pattern, and added more detail. I've set myself a midweek deadline to have it done, so we'll see how that goes!

Now it's off to enjoy the breeze and an afternoon of playing in the dirt! :)


  1. Hope you checked those Pieces for "hallmarks", etc.?

  2. Your destash didn't bother me until I saw the keys. For some strange reason I love me some keys. Hopefully, someone will buy them and give them a good home. This weather makes you wonder what July will bring doesn't it? Congrats on the move to books - woohoo!

    1. Denise, I love keys too...and I kept a few for myself! :D

      Thank you on the congrats...I am really enjoying the position!


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