Monday, January 23, 2012

Spoonflower Fabrics

I had at one point been working on translating my cross stitch designs to quilt fabric design with a fabric company. Things have stalled (indefinitely) with that collection, and so I have decided to give another collection a whirl on Spoonflower.

The panels are my Snowball of the Month patterns, all 12 fitting on a yard of fabric. The other two are complimentary tosses.  I will be ordering test swatches next week, and if they work as I'd like them to, I will make the fabrics available for public purchase. I would also like to work through a few more fabrics for the collection.

Snowball of the Month



And one Halloween print...


I have three sets of cross stitch button covers ready to go! Now I'm waiting for the buttons to arrive.  I am really excited about how they are turning out.  They are quick to stitch and so there is this instant gratification! I think I will put a bunch of them together in a pattern booklet. Tonight I am going to give a shot to making a few snowmen.  It will be a challenge as the smallest I've worked with the snowmen is the Snowbugz series and they stitch up at about 40w x 40h. The surface area for these size 60 buttons is under 20w x 20h.  So we'll see how it goes. Might end up with just some grinning snowmen heads! 


  1. Have you tried any companies that make "wrapping paper"..? Cause those Designs would look great as wrappings! Or on gift bags... Perhaps the card companies?

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