Tuesday, January 24, 2012

cross stitch buttons

Okay, so I couldn't wait for the self cover buttons to arrive via the mailman. Today when I was out picking up some yarn I found some buttons to try out, and here they are...the first of my cross stitch buttons!

These two are 1 1/2" buttons, and I used some bits of Needle Necessities cotton floss. I am really quite giddy over the way they turned out!

(And I might have to go to the fabric shop to pick up more buttons if the mailman 
doesn't bring mine right now!)


  1. These would look great on a fall sweater! Better get these in your etsy store - they'll sell out asap!

  2. I just put these up on Etsy, Denise! I plan on putting all of them up as I get them made, and then also offering the patterns for those that would like to do their own. Glad you like them!


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