Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The White Tree

It started as one of those 'wake up at 3am, grab your sketchbook' kind of designs, 
and today I finally sewed on the last button "leaf".

It is a fairly simple design, using only one color that can be easily swapped out depending on the stitcher's preference.  I used DMC Color Variations 4090 to give the tree some very subtle definition.  

The piece is stitched over two threads on Wichelt Import's 28ct. Chocolate Raspberry 100% linen. 

I have been collecting buttons for a very long time, and wanted to do something with all the white ones I have. The patterns will include about three dozen buttons, varying in size and material, but this pattern is simple enough that it could be adapted to any colors and any buttons, beads or whatever embellishments the artist might want to experiment with. 

The last craft show of my season was over the weekend, and afterward I found myself with this a deeper need to clean out  and slow down.  It is an itch I've had for awhile now.  I have long been drawn to the idea of slow living, to get away from commercial, mass produced clothing, to cook instead of drive by  fast food and an even faster life. In an attempt to put myself a little firmer on that path, I did a few things this weekend that I felt very good about, and now I want to keep moving on this new path I've put myself upon.

 I completely gutted my closet. What is left is what I wear. A handful of favorites that bring me comfort and are 'me'.  The things I thought to get rid of were looked at, and a few set to a pile of things that I want to redesign. Rip apart, put back together. The rest were bagged up and taken to the Salvation Army along with all the hats I had left from the shows.  I know that someone will benefit from wearing them instead of me having them back in a dark corner of a closet. That bright flowered shirt that is not authentic to me will find who it really should belong to and the black coat with the shoulder pads will fit into someone's wardrobe! 

I have left myself with five shirts, three sweaters, a couple of pair of jeans and a funky jacket that I forgot I even had as it was buried beneath all the things that I never should have bought in the first place!  I kept a couple scarves that I have crocheted for myself, something I rarely if ever do.  

It was very cathartic. I open my closet now and I see me. 

Up next on the Q Snaps? Another Snowballz addition...

Now I am off to teach ten eager artists how to draw a Nutcracker! 

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