Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cotton Crochet Scarves

With two shows left to attend, I have been busy working through the last of my cotton yarn and creating a few scarves. Here are a few completed in the last few days.  As this show season winds down, my goal is to have used up some of the odds and ends I have around here as I ready for  2012 and a more focused creative drive. These scarves are made with Bernat cotton yarn and Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton.


For any that are regular readers of this blog, you have probably noticed that it has changed again!  That in itself probably isn't a big surprise, as changes have been made frequently since I started blogging. In the spirit of  the fresh creative start I hope to make in 2012, I wanted to bring all of my "stuff" together, kind of a one stop hub for all of my art-stitch-inspiration-zenny things that I want easy access to and want to give readers quick links to as well. I hope it grows into a place where we can share tutorials, goals, support, thoughts and wisdom and bazinga! moments. 

I love to collect, and I love to share. 
Be it words, images, ideas, color, texture,  dreams and junk and all things found and fabulous

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