Thursday, September 29, 2011

creatively scattered

As I sat today in my anthropology class it occurred to me.

I am scattered.

There have been so many creative things that I have wanted to try to do, and while I am happy that I have explored, I find now that my direction as an artist is blurred. There are so many things that influence me that it has, to some degree, become overwhelming. And that is saying a lot as I am not typically one to feel overwhelmed about much at all.

I had been kicking all of this around for some time and had taken steps to try and bring some focus and direction to the creative process, narrowing my work down to fiber and textile related exploration. I thought I had cleared some things up for myself, but now, I am finding I need to whittle it down even further and go back (at least for awhile) strictly to the cross stitch and needlework designing and exploring those things related to it.

My art supports me and my family now. It is my career. The other things I want to try are now hobbies, and I need to remember that.

I packed up the yarn. Put away the spindle. The fabric paints are boxed and everything is up in the cupboard. I am going to let the Etsy shop remain as it is until the first of the new year. At that point, I will take a look at things and see what I want to do. Either it will close, or I will revamp it.

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