Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thrift Shop Find: Fabric Treasure Trove

I debated today. Do I stay in and just stitch or paint or spin or do I go out and at the very least, stop at one thrift shop? I had to go to the bank, and one of my favorite second hand shops is nearly across the street...so, I went. And am I ever happy I did.  Not only did I find remnants, curtains and old linens that will work beautifully in my spinning...

I also found this zippered plastic bag full of what I *thought* was pre-cut quilt squares. Packed full, $1.00 the ticket price. I'm thinking a buck. Even if I don't use the fabric, I can use the bag! Imagine my surprise when I get it home and I dump it on my craft*cough*dining room*cough* table and discover that it was not pre-cut squares for quiliting. No, it appears that these squares, varying from 1" to 6"x6" samples, were part of some fabric sample book. A few still had stickers on them, others did not. And they range from cottons to tweeds to silks, some quilted, some satins, each different than the last and I am just over the top giddy!

If I manage to get the lot sorted tonight, the creating begins tomorrow. Have some ideas already tumbling around in my head. Layers and stitches and tearing, oh my!

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  1. Great FIND! It's almost impossible around here to GET any of those Discontinued Sampler books! - of course, that's not to say that We "don't" have a STACK of them stashed away...



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