Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creative 365: A Bunch O'Days...Putting us at 100!

I really do need to get a new camera. Mine eats batteries! Not very eco-friendly at all, especially now that I am using it a lot more than I use to be using it.  I finally located the battery stash that I had, (I really do need to get organized) and took pictures of the things I have been doing since last Wednesday's post.

Fabric Yarn Spinning, Rag Yarn tying and some Fabric Painting ...

And today was spent stitching the 2011 Installment of the Halloween "Take a Walk" Series
"Walking the Cat"

I managed to get from the tip of ghoulie's head to his chin done yesterday and today. It was a slow day getting out of the gate creatively today. I might need to take the day off tomorrow for the holiday and just do a lot of nothing, which sometimes can be a creative experience in and of itself!

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