Monday, May 30, 2011

Creative 365: Day 71,72 & 73 Cross stitch designing & other stitching bits

It's not been bright enough to snap any pictures of my latest painting adventures, but maybe later today I can get some taken as the sun is trying to make an appearance. Although it had me fooled yesterday, too. Peeked, then went and hid itself away. 

I have taken some time over the holiday weekend to do a little more than paint, working on charting some upcoming cross stitch designs including the 2011 installment of the the Walking Ghost design. 2009 brought 'Walking Jack'. In 2010 I created 'Walking the Bat' and this year there will be 'Walking the Cat'. 

Walking the Cat  CM Designs 2011
I also have a few more ghosts that I intend to put out there this year as the Halloween designs always seem to be a favorite of stitchers.  Here is a rough idea of the first of that group.

Picnic in the Pumpkin Patch  CM Designs 2011
And finally, another Pumpkin Patch-y design...

Pumpkin Pals  CM Designs 2011
 I am almost done with the model for the latest in the Color Bittz series. I am calling it Petals. I think I will put th next in that series,  a snowman with no backstitching, on the back burner (as I don't want to think about snow just yet!) and start on one of the Halloween pieces.  

Off to stitch on this Memorial Day. Hoping everyone enjoys their day and the good memories of those that have gone.

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