Thursday, May 26, 2011

Creative 365: Day 70 Wow....

Day 70....and today would have been my Dad's 70th birthday.  Today my sister and I have plans to go visit him, and then to the bar to have a drink in his honor. Brandy, I am guessing. Or really, really cheap beer. The kind that they pay YOU to drink.

I did manage to get a little painting done this morning, wanting to do something organic-feeling as Dad always liked his flowers and gardening.  Here is stage one, the second stage most likely not coming until tomorrow as I spill enough paint as is without adding liquor to the mix!

This is stenciled to start with in metallic paints of olive, gold and bronze.  Tomorrow I will be adding a color wash and some additional detail. It is painted on a 20" x 20" piece of cotton muslin.

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  1. Busy day... It's my Brother-in-Law's birthday too. And, my late Grandfather's - he'd be 110...

    Anyway, *Party* Hard!! :-D


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