Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creative 365: Day 47 & 48 & 49

As my brother and his family have been home, I have been away from my computer and I haven't been blogging, but I have been creating! Two days of crocheting and some jewelry making, a continuation of  what I have started calling  mermaid bracelets, and here is what I finished with.

Mermaid Bracelets
The blue bracelet is made with navy quilt binding as the base. I worked in some beads I found, others from broken jewelry. It is a mermaid's treasure trove of  turquoise stones, lapis, and various glass beads that were stitched atop of recycled yarns and fibers that I couched on top of the binding.  The second bracelet I had started some time ago, and had posted an image on the blog. I added more beads and the end crimps and clasp.  This one is a hodge-podge of beads and stones, gold chain, odd fibers. 

I also found two balls of cotton yarn in my stash that I must have had left over from a project, or maybe they were in a bag of scrap yarn I rescued from a thrift shop. (I've so much yarn in my baskets now, various bits and balls in so many different colors, I am not certain where most of it came from anymore!)  I love how cotton crochets into these flowers, and I am going to have to dig through my yarn and see I have more.

These are the latest blooms. Three layers of petals centered by a vintage button.

Cream and confetti blooms crocheted and centered with vintage buttons
And yes, I changed the blog header. Again!  I just wish I could find something I am happy with, but then I guess changing it often is really sort of reflective of my personality! Now off to indulge in a bit of mythology, some coffee and cross stitch.

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  1. :-D
    Isn't Cotton Yarn just FUN to work with?!

    ...Says the Crazy-Lady with the 8'x10' "Room" FULL OF IT!! Got enough to *Flower* the Entire ROSE BOWL PARADE!!


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