Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative 365:10 & 11

Yesterday proved to be a crazy day, and I was not able to get anything other than some stitching done on Frozen Fishin'. It is the companion piece to Snowy Snuggles and I am hoping to get a few more sections of it completed today!

I did take a break from the cross stitch this morning to play with some other things for Day 11.  I have a stack of old vintage handkerchiefs that I have been wanting to work with. I actually have two stacks. One of hankies that I cannot bear to cut up as they are either a) just too pretty or b) they do not have enough holes and wear for me to justify turning them into something else...yet.

There was one very delicate pink hankie that I have picked up a few times now, and this morning I turned it into four pretty little blooms. The plate they are photographed on is one I painted some time ago that sits on my china hutch!

And now a cup of tea and a lap full of needlework for the afternoon!

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