Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative 365: Day 17 more bohemian bedroom additions & playing with icicle images

Today I took the textures I made with the photos of icicles and used them to create two new digital images.

My mother has been in the hospital since early this week, and so I have been unable to sleep and have found myself playing around with a lot of images and losing myself in 'mindless' creative things, just goofing around with effects I've never tried and looking for images to meld together with those I have snapped myself.  My mom is a very creative spirit herself, and it has felt right to be experimenting with different ideas even if some of them will never go any further than a post here on my blog. 

I have been creating my own space, a retreat where I can re-energize, meditate, read, create. When I make my thrift stores trips, I have been looking not only for things to recycle and repurpose in my art, but things for my room as well.  Yesterday after visiting mom I went rummaging and found a variety of colorful sheer window panels and a few new pillows. Slowly it is coming together, piece by piece!

new pillows and more fabric on the wall

Sunlight through the sheers

window by all of my candles and incese, a collection growing as well

When spring comes, I intend to paint what walls I've not covered in fabric yet!  I also have a sheer canopy coming for over my bed. More photos to come! 

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