Monday, January 31, 2011

what am I thinking?

As May sits right around the corner, and with it, graduation, I have found myself sitting here wondering about the future. It is a bit odd for me, as these last years I have sort of been a 'live in the moment' person because whenever I use to think about what lay ahead and envision what I think it should be, it always ended up being something different all together.  I firmly believe that I am where I should be, and am happier in my life now then I was twenty years ago. My life is full, and other than the wish that my finances were a bit more stable, I really don't find myself wanting for much.

I am very happy that I went back to college for my associate degree in graphic design. I have learned so much, but now I want more. Twenty years ago when I was a student at Minnesota State-Mankato, I spent a few years as an art major. I was young and without real direction and I know now that I was not ready for the creative commitment necessary to be an artist. I am now, and hungry for it. So, I am going after it, and I think, if things pan out as I hope they will, this fall I will find myself back at Minnesota State in pursuit of either a BFA in Studio Art or BA in Art History.

Love this Space! I want my kitchen to look like this!
I have also started re-decorating small spaces of my home, wanting to reflect the changes within me over the last handful of years. I have stumbled upon a few images that really touched me, and as I have made my trips to the thrift shops and markets, I have looked for similar treasures, listening to my heart instead of my head as to the practicality of the things I might find. If it feels good to me, it's going to be mine.
Would love to sleep here!


  1. so cool! :)
    -Emily R.

  2. How exciting for you!!!! And I would love to be in anyone of those spaces. Beautiful!!

  3. As soon as the "Glaciers" start to recede, GO Yard Sale-ing! Cheaper than the Thrift Stores!


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