Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wednesday thift store treasures

My New Quilt!
Today I made my regular Hump Day Hop Around to the thrift stores, and after a good deal of digging around, I was not finding anything that was poking me, saying, 'you can't  live without me, you know it!'  I was just about the leave the last shop, and was walking through the aisle where all the quilts and blankets were hung. The first time I went through them, I completely missed it, but the second time? 

There are a few small tears in the backing that were easily repaired. 

It is a queen sized bed spread, there is no batting in between the quilt top and the backing, and it is tied off with yarn at the corners of the blocks which are all these amazing large scale botanicals and bohemian-ish prints. It is just amazing and it works just perfectly in my bedroom.  The squares are a little heavier than traditional quilting cottons and they worn out in places and faded, other pieces still vibrant. Best part? $4.00. 

I also nabbed a few sweaters that look to be good candidates for yarn recycling, and a hand full of vintage handkerchiefs that were in fairly good shape. While I did not find a lot of goodies today, this quilt just tickles me! It certainly brightened up my winter!


  1. What a great find!!! Awesome! I have got to do some thrifty shoping!

  2. Yes, Heather! It is such great fun. We have four shops that are right close to each other so I quite literally "hop", at least once a week.


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