Sunday, December 5, 2010

Q-snapped and stitching!

After finally finishing the model for the Wichelt Imports free chart (sadly, no one has stepped forward to hand over those extra four hours to the day I requested some time ago) I was able to get the next three Snowflakes charted and ready for stitching.  Here they are in chart form!

As with Drift #1, I will be working in buttons and beads as embellishments, and each pack will be different as I use found and recycled items from nearly two decades of treasure hunts.

Today while shopping with my niece, I found a skien of this really odd yarn. It is not my usual recycle, repurpose yarn and I had to think when the last time was that I actually did buy a new ball of yarn.
But this caught my eye and with my lastest passion for crocheting odd little flowers, it looked like something that might give me the weirdest blooms yet!

I also sold three sets of my flowers on Etsy, and that made me bounce a little. Packaged them up and they look like this box of Christmas cookies!

Last week of the semester and am trying to wrap up projects...

...and still looking for those extra 3 hours.

The fabric collection is still in the works. Will share more with that as I receive news! For now, it is under wraps. I am hoping that there might be news this week!  I am very excited about it and hopeful that I will be moving forward with it.

Now, off to stitch!

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