Saturday, November 27, 2010

sketching, stitching and tiles

Homework completed, well, as much as I could get done. Page upon page of thumbnail sketches and a few more detailed comprehensives. Now I just need to pull some of it together in Flash (~twitch~) on Monday.

I have also spent a good share of the holiday weekend stitching. I am working on a design for Wichelt Imports for a January Freebie Chart release. Once that is completed, I think I'll be starting on the next in the Popsicles Collection. Still up in the air with that.

A few more swatches/tiles played with as well, and here they are! I think I will put these on Spoonflower as well and order some test swatches just to see how the colors translate.

These all started with a photograph I snapped at Rasmussen Woods this last summer....I think. It might have been from Sibley Park too now that I am thinking about it.

I think I will wrap the weekend up by popping into Photoshop and see if I can't get my grandma's old pictures patched up!

All in all, a pretty productive weekend!

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