Tuesday, November 16, 2010

odd little flowers

I am pleased to announce that today I had my first sale on Etsy!  I have been trying very hard to create more pieces for my store, and one of my goals for November was to finally have a tally under sales.  The piece that sold was one of my favorite of the chiffon scarves I have been dyeing.

Another scarf added to the store today. It is the silk chiffon scarf only the colors that transfered from the ties with this were smoky grey, purple, fuschia and some really deep blues. I have a good collection of ties started. I think tomorrow will find me seeing what other magic can be created with the scarves I have remaining.

I also finished up a few recycled blooms. I had come across a wool scarf at the Thrift Store that I thought would cut apart really well and I could felt it. Well, I cut my flowers and gave them a spin in a hot washing machine and after they were finished, I went to toss them in the dryer. They never made it that far because the wool did this really funky fun thing that I did not want to disturb with a tumble in the dryer!

I doubled the layers, centered them with a found button (each different) and this is what I ended up with!
I double checked the tag of the scarf and yes, it did read 100% wool, so I am not sure what happened, but my end result, I find, is kind of fun!

A few found cotton threads and recycled wool yarn and I was able to fashion four blooms in harvest-y colors and dug through the bead box for beads that would work as pretty, shiny centers.

All in all it has been a delightfully creative (and productive) day! Now off to stitch. Have a snowman waiting for his grin!

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  1. Ohhhhhh I love your scarves and your blossoms. So pretty! And I also love your sock snowmen! So cute!


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