Friday, October 1, 2010

The Meet Up: October Goals

Just where did September go??

A review of my goals...

1. Complete a freebie design for Wichelt Imports.

I didn't even get a chance to get to this one. Grr. Will have to make an attempt soon to work on it. It does not take that long and they have been so wonderful and generous with their fabric samples over the years that I cannot neglect this project.

2. Keep working on the quilt fabric collection.

I am working with Karen Combs' guidance to try and put together a collection that is based on my Snowballz and Snowbugz cross stitch designs. This has been great fun and I am making progress with this.

3. Two new cross stitch designs completed and out for distribution

I met this goal, two new designs out!

4. Keep up with my classes!

So far so good!

On to October...

I went to my first TNNA Market in St. Louis a week ago and found myself greatly inspired. I have a lot of big projects in the works, so I am going to keep my goals fairly simple.

1. Complete the fabric collection.

2. Two new designs.

3. Wichelt Imports free chart.

Good luck MeetUpers on your October goals! May we all have a productive Autumn!


  1. best of luck with your upcoming month, looks great so far with your trip to St. Louis

  2. Good luck with your October goals!

  3. :) Good luck in October and congrats on meeting goals in September!

  4. Keeping it simple is always good, especially when you have big things in the works. Good luck with October, Carolyn!


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