Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Play

My son was sick today :( and so once I got him medicated and sleeping, I found myself with some unexpected  time on my hands while he rested. After working for a bit on some homework, I settled in and goofed around with some images.

Some play with a scrap of paper that I had blotted a water color brush out on, scribbled on and then scanned. Once I had the image cropped, I played around with off-set and kaleidoscope filters. Each swatch is 8x8 inches, 150dpi.

The last two swatches are also 8x8 150dpi images that were inspired by a photograph of a storm cloud-filled sky that I took this summer. I brought the image into Photoshop, upped the dpi from 72 to 150 just to get the washed out feel I wanted, played around with a few effects and then off-set the image.
The second image is off-set a second time.


  1. COOL! I'm loving the colours on all of them! So, a K-Scope, huh? Used to absolutely love those when I was kid!

  2. Yep! There is a kaleidoscope filter in Corel PaintShop Pro and it is just so much fun to goof around with. I keep thinking of the old Spiro-graph I had as a kid, only I don't have to make the little discs go round and round. The software does it for me!


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