Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Meetup: Welcome August!

July wasn't as productive for me as June had been. My goals and what I accomplished were:

Distribute 3 new designs
Well, I managed to get two new designs out. One of them, Blight, Broomhilda & Booz is fairly large and the model stitching took me longer than usual. I also had a lot of hours at the group home in July so that cut into stitching time.

Sketch out a new line of characters to be charted and started in September.
I did get some stitching done. Thumbnails really, and nothing that I can chart from, but at least I have some ideas down on paper.

Increase traffic to my website
Traffic did increase slightly. Up from an average of 15 visitors a day to 22.  I did have an increase in sales from the website as well, so that made me feel a bit better.
August Goals:
1.  Complete the new line and chart the designs.
2.  Follow up on the fabric lines (that I am still waiting to hear back on)
3.  Participate in 3/4 weeks of the Mixed Media Monday group that I had been regularly participating in but   have missed out on now for a few weeks. I miss them!
4.  Complete two new designs.
Good luck everyone on your goals!


  1. It looks like you had a pretty good July, congrats on getting your website traffic up! :)

    good luck in August!

  2. Its so interesting to hear about your business-- I'm curious about patterns for fabric lines. Anyways, it sounds like your July was pretty successful even though you didn't quite finish everything you wanted to. so good for you! Have a great August!

  3. It is crazy how fast July went huh? Well you should be proud you got something done. I love the Halloween stuff especially the ghost walking the bat. Super cute. Good luck with getting more done in August.

  4. Getting ideas down on paper is always an accomplishment for me, so I can visualize where I want to go from there (even if I'm not in my workspace.) Mixed Media Monday sounds interesting... I'd like to hear more about that.

    Good luck with August, Carolyn!

  5. I'm with liz, the fabric lines sounds fascinating! And mixed media monday sounds like lots of fun - good luck with august!

  6. Mixed Media Monday sounds really cool. Enjoy! It does sound like you got a lot done in July -- good luck on doing so in August, too!

  7. Love that you were successful on the site traffic and sales, that is so great! Have a really wonderful August Carolyn, and looking forward to seeing your new designs!

  8. It might not seem a lot but I feel like you got a lot done last month. I would love to increase traffic to my blog as well.. hopefully once I start updating my blog regularly & with a schedule in my mind I can get more followers. Best wishes on your August goals & take care!


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