Monday, August 2, 2010


I have been creating various flowers from yarn and other fibers I have recycled and rescued from various thrift stores and flea markets. The latest are crocheted, some from cotton floss and others from needlepoint wools that I crocheted then hand-felted just enough to give them a vintage-y feel.

I have attatched the cotton flowers (so far!) to stems that I also found at the thrift store. The leaves have a velvety feel to them rather than silk and suit the flowers well. They are longer, and the weight of the flowers leaves them to bend slightly and give them really nice movement.

The felted blooms are going to need a stiffer stem because they weigh a bit more, and I need to attach them with a bead. 
These have been so much fun to make, and I am enjoying digging through the baskets of threads, yarns and other fibers I have collected (and continue to scrounge around for!)


  1. I LOVE the hunt for goodies at second hand stores! The treasures and inspiration are delightful.
    Your flowers are lovely, is that a little bead in the center? well, a plastic bead, or felted?

  2. The wool felted flowers in the picture have a small crystal in the center. I pulled apart an old necklace that was broken.

    This batch of cotton blooms use the center on the floral stem. They worked out perfectly!


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