Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waiting for the washing machine to finish its cycle. Inside, one crocheted wool hat spinning round and round. An experiment with felting that I cannot wait to see the results of.  I used the wool yarn that I recycled from a sweater I found and unravelled a few weeks ago.

I had not picked up a crochet hook in quite some time. My daughter and niece both crochet, and this morning when I was heading out to make my weekly thrift store run, they asked me to try and find them some yarn so they could crochet this afternoon.  I knew I would most likely do some crocheting of my own with all the yarn I have been "harvesting" from sweaters, but watching them today gave me the itch to start now. 

Other treasures found today: buttons, some of them pearl with thread still in them, vintage handkerchiefs, a shoebox of cotton quilt squares, and a few balls of chunky yarn that I kept for myself! (Although as often as my daughter robs my stash, that yarn might just walk off one day soon!)

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