Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mixed Media Monday: Old Things (a few days late!)

The theme this week for MMM was 'Old Things' and I was at a loss for a time as to what to do. I got to thinking about all my vintage textiles and making new things out of old things, and once I got the itch to crochet yesterday, I decided to try and make an old hat.  It would give me a chance to try some more felting as well.

So here it is! It is made of wool that I recycled from a sweater, and the buttons were from my Great Aunt's sewing basket.
The felting didn't work as well as I  had hoped, but I think it is because the weave of the hat wasn't tight enough. Where I single crocheted, it felted. The double crochet areas, not as much. But I still am happy with the feel of it.

I had hoped for a little more shrinkage, and had even added a little more size to it to allow for it. Perhaps I should have given it one more washing and trip through the dryer!

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  1. Not to be dense but what exactly is felting? What does it do?

    Like the hat even if it didn't come out the way you hoped!

    Have you ever thought about a button project? I got a cross stitch a few months ago that had around 100 buttons with it (all red and green). Stitched center and arranged the buttons in circle - what if you somehow made a pillow with a button cover? Just an idea - would love to see how you went with it!

    Smiles - Denise

  2. Wow!!! What a cool take on the theme - I love what you have done here - a talent that I do not possess! Great idea and beautiful results, Kristin xo

  3. Fabulous, Carolyn. For non-yarn person, I'll have to say how impressive it is that you can just whip up a hat like that. It's beautiful and just the shape hat that I like.

  4. Wow, Carolyn - this is fantastic! Love it! Diane

  5. Carolyn, love your hat what a great idea and a great result.


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