Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yves Klein

Yves Klein
Interesting. I always find myself drawn to monochrome work. I find great fascination in texture and think that is probably one of the reasons I am so drawn to textiles.

"Klein experimented with various methods of applying the paint; firstly different rollers and then later sponges, created a series of varied surfaces. This experimentalism would lead to a number of works Klein made using naked female models covered in blue paint and dragged across or laid upon canvases to make the image, using the models as "living brushes". This type of work he called Anthropometry. Other paintings in this method of production include "recordings" of rain that Klein made by driving around in the rain at 70 miles per hour with a canvas tied to the roof of his car, and canvases with patterns of soot created by scorching the canvas with gas burners." (Wikipedia)

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