Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Wonderings

We buried my dad on Thursday, and after a most memorable time spent with my family and friends since, it is now time to move on and remember that while his story has ended, there is still room for the retelling.

I find myself filled with ideas and things that I want to do because life is just so suddenly too short to ignore the calling.  The snow is gone, my dad is playing one hell of a  poker game with those buddies of his that went before him, and it is time for me to stop procrastinating where my goals are concerned.

I will complete that quilt fabric line I have been sketching for the last month.

I will play with jewelry and buttons and baubles and create new from the old.

I will continue to bring smiles by painting with threads.

I will study hard and learn everything I can about graphic design.

I will continue to follow the path I have chosen spiritually and reconnect with the Earth and what the Mother has given me.

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