Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running to Catch Up

I am in serious need of about two days of uninterrupted studio time, but I have found myself stretched in a few different directions as of late and it has me thinned out to a point that I am having a hard time wanting to do anything at all with my creativity. I am hoping that I have climbed up and over a really big hill (that felt a bit more like a mountain) and can find my focus again.

The kids are going to be gone for a long weekend, and it might be the perfect opportunity to dig in and play with some new techniques in dyeing I would like to try and I need to chart some new designs as well. Am also thinking about doing some image manipulation to print on fabric. I had intended on challenging myself with a 12x12 art quilt challenge. Maybe I can still get caught up and accomplish this.

I did get a new Flakey Friends installment done and will post the picture in the next day or so.

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