Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of the Semester

With a bit of time before my last final of the semester, I thought I would write a bit, an attempt at getting my thoughts sorted for the upcoming weeks and what I would like to accomplish.

Last week saw the production of my greeting card for our branch of Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. It was a project that we did for our Intro to Graphic Communications class, and my design with a dozen or so others were selected for print. It was really a neat experience to see the project through from designing to the four-color press and to know that the cards will be going to benefit a very worthwhile organization.

I need to finish my December Palette Challenges. I had intended to get one done each week, but there just hasn't been enough time! Decided I will be happy to complete the two, the first based on the coral reef palette, the second for the sprout palette. My school schedule for the next semester starting in January will allow me more time to spend at the studio and I hope to explore things a bit more.

A trip to Office Max today to pick up ink and paper so I can finally get the last Hoffman Distributing order off, and I hope to settle in with some stitching. I am an afternoon away from finishing "Lucille", the "L" in the Little Snowballz Series, and I just wrapped up charting "Molly Lorraine", thus putting her on deck for the next release.

Things have been very tight here financially since my return to school, and Christmas looks to be very unique. I have always made a lot of my gifts, but never given all handmade things. I am actually excited about it. My family has never gotten caught up in the commercial side of the holiday, and our gifts have always been simple, but this year marks the first that I will truly be following my handmade pledge. I have a week to finish!

It is also time to map out the 2010 cross stitch designs plan. I know I want to finish up the Little Snowballz Series, and there are a few more Fern Folk ready to chart. I have another idea, but it is slow in forming. An afternoon with colored pencils and sketchpad might be in order.

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