Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Little Snowballz Completion

Lucy, the latest Little Snowballz design, has been finished. I am working now on Molly Lorraine, named after my daughter. She's a quick stitch, and I hope to have her completed by the end of the week. It just depends on how bogged down I am after holiday nomming and how much snow I am stuck shoveling! Woke up to three more inches of fresh powder this morning, and weather reports indicate that we could get up to eight more on Christmas. I am grateful for family in town and snowtires.

I finished all the gifts for my family and am really pleased with how everything turned out. It felt really good to do things with my own hands, even if when I started out going "handmade" this year it was because of puckered purse strings.

I have "roughed out" my design plans for 2010, and have set a goal of four new releases a month. The year will see a wrap to the Little Snowballz series, hopefully by early summer. I have had requests for another Lil Flakes, which would make a total of four blizzards. There will be a few more additions to the Fern Folk Series, and quite possibly a few more Flakey Friends.

I've also found myself drawn to the beauty of English gardens and the secrets they might hold. Wee folk, gnomes, fae, and bugs with brightly colored, gossamar wings. Spiders spinning webs of silk, delicately woven strands that catch the sunlight just so. I would like to capture some of that magick, some of that 'saw it from the corner of my eye' feeling in a new series of designs.
I do believe in faeries.

Off to find coffee and Q-Snaps. Happy Yule, One and All!

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