Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daily 36

Daily 36

5"x 5" Cotton and sheers used to capture a little  landscape.

The strips of fabric are from a bag of material I found at the thrift shop a few weeks ago, labelled "for rug making".  There are sooo many different fabrics, many of them with a cool vintage vibe to them.

I have been sorting my scraps by color and plan on getting a few plastic shoe boxes to store them in.
While I love to go through the fabrics when picking out things for my little stitching projects, I am thinking that having them somewhat organized might help me in the composition process. When they are all "bunched" together in one basket, I am missing bits that might be better for certain pieces.

Besides, there are enough piles in the sewing room with a mix of fabrics as it is!

Now off to the Garden Gate. 

Time for some more stitching!

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