Sunday, February 22, 2015

One week to go...

One week to go of the February Daily Art Challenge!  I was out of town the last two days, and so I did not create something for Friday and Saturday, but this challenge has inspired me so much that I think I might do "make up" pieces so that I have something for each day. 

I have been struggling with finding a direction for my Etsy shop-- struggling to the point of considering closing it all together. I might still let it go and just continue to expand my website. I'm still weighing my options. However, this month's challenge has given me some direction, I think. 

I am thinking I might take these little pieces one step further in the future. Finishing them and backing them for little pieces of art, or combining them to create larger pieces. 

I have been a long time 'recycle, reuse, repurpose'  kind of girl, and there is just something really satisfying about doing these pieces because most of the materials are recycled.  Sheer and silk scarves that I've picked up from the thrift stores and such, beads from jewelry I've repuprosed by taking it apart to harvest what I could to use, even the buttons I have in my collection, most are harvested from old clothing, and then the fabric from the clothing is a lot of time used as well. 

Even if I decide not to work these into pieces that I might offer for sale, I think I will continue to do them, simply because they have inspired me so.  They push me to try combinations of color and texture that I might not have tried together before. I am trying different stitches, being more random again and just letting the fabric an fiber speak to me. 

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