Monday, February 2, 2015

February Daily Art Challenge

It's February, and that means it is time for the Daily Art Challenge!  I am going to try to do something that speaks to the wild and organic side of me this month, and I am hoping to do each piece on a 
4" x 4"  "canvas".  I am also doing a 2" x 2" weekly challenge, so I will be doing a lot of exploration in upcoming days. 

February Daily Art Challenge 2-1-15  "Seeds"

February Daily Art Challenge, 2-2-15  "Durin's Day"

I always find myself picking up my crochet hook even when I say that I am done with my creative day.  I am having some fun with flowers again, using found buttons for the centers. I'm giving these a trial run on Ebay, but intend to do a few (as there have been requests!) for the website as well.

I am slowly pulling away from my Etsy Shop. Eventually I hope to have everything I do available on my website.  The shop just isn't working well for me, but my website is, so it makes more sense to bring in the wagons and have everything available to customers in one place. 

I have a few ideas tumbling around in this old noggin' of mine for stitching accessories such as fobs, pin cushions and needle books, either as kits or finished items. Leaning a little more toward the finished items now as I need something to sate that desire to make things rather than just design them. 

Almost finished with the model for The Flowers In My Window. Just a few panes left. And so I'm off to get to it. Hoping for mid-afternoon finish! 


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