Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 13 Squared

Day 13, another cotton and sheer 4" x 4" piece with the expected cotton and sheer layering.  I also started piecing some of these together just to see what I might do with them at the end of this challenge.  I've got some ideas, and might give a sneak peek later next week.

And here is the progress on the model for Squared. I was hoping that the blocks would feel "wobbly" like the charted image demonstrated, and there is a little of that although not as much as I had hoped. Maybe once it is all together it will have more of that effect.  I am still considering a bit of bead embellishment for this one, too.

I have really got to get off of Pinterest today.  I can get lost there for hours looking at so many inspiring images, nabbing tutorials, and filling folders up with color palettes. I justify it as research, and in a way it is.  I also spend time looking for pirated cross stitch charts, too, as we in the industry are having a lot of trouble with copyright and illegal chart reproduction.

So the time spent there is important. I just need to step away after awhile. Some people have their video games they spend hours with. Me, I just keep going from window to window on Pinterest!


  1. I love today's square! And Pinterest is incredibly addictive!

  2. so. a bit of weirdness... The way you placed those 2 beads on your square, when I saw the "thumbprint" on my read-list, I kept seeing a reddish-SQUIRREL looking over some leaf..?!? -- Don't mind me, just been out "shopping" for 6-hours in -30C windchills... [and yes, YARN was involved!]


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