Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I've jumped into this new challenge of creating with a small stitched piece at least once a week. A fellow artisan on Facebook is also participating, and we hope to keep each other on track!  At the end of this, we both plan on putting these little bits of art into a cloth stitch book. 

I think I will probably try to do more than one a week. It is a thoroughly enjoyable thing to do. I want to push myself to explore different and maybe even unexpected combinations of cloth and fiber with some embellishments tossed in.

 Another of my obsessions lately has been these little winged things. As I have a ginormous stash of beads, I thought I would try and bling up a few butterflies. I also played around with the size, too.

Threads picked up to start the new design, which at this time is nameless. I did change up the colors a bit, and I will be posting progress as I get going. 

Attitude of Gratitude
The support of friends during this difficult time of grieving.
Finding inspiration from other creative souls.
The feeling that what I do is worthwhile.

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