Tuesday, November 25, 2014


With the newest of the Lil Flakes and Snowbugz out, I picked up the January installment of the Whiskerkins, Snowflake. He was a quick stitch, and has been very well received by the Whiskerkins fans!  He has more sparkle than what you might see here as I worked in a few Kreinik braids.

With the end of the month looming, I thought it better to leave the next holiday themed pattern I had designed for next year, picking up instead Carnival, the next in the cross stitch quilt block collection.
I just love this design. It's addictive and ever-changing.  I've found myself working until 2am the last few nights as I lose track of time while stitching.

This is the progress thus far, working through the bottom left quarter of the design as well as the top left quarter. I hope to get the whole left side finished over the next couple of days. I have already started designing another of these that reminds me a little more of stained glass.

Now off for more coffee and a staff meeting at the group home, pouting a bit because I really just want to stay home and stitch.


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    1. I use to stay up late, but then my day job required me to be up at 5am, so things shifted. But now I'm back! :D


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