Friday, October 24, 2014

return to the snowy dudes

Ten years ago, I started drawing snowmen. Lots and lots of snowmen. (And snowladies, too!) Snowballz, Lil Flakes, Snowbugz, Lil Snowballz, Snowflakes-- 

well, yeah. 

You get the picture.

Lil Flakes, Snowfall 6-- Snowman Maker

I have a whimsical side, and it's my dominant side.  I can get away from the silly for a stretch of time, but when it comes back, it's like this avalanche (appropriate, yeah?) that has me scribbling and sketching at the oddest times.  In the middle of the night, or on a napkin at lunch or the coffee shop, or even on an old envelope laying on the seat of the truck. (Mind you, I would never sketch-- or text-- and drive!)

Lil Flakes, Snowfall 6-- Lets Skate

It has taken me a  long while to embrace the fact that I am known primarily for my snowmen and for my other whimsical creations. Somewhere in there came the idea I should be looking to do other things, too-- that somehow I needed to design for everyone. Hmm. Not only is that impossible, it isn't even reasonable. First, I need to design for myself. It's been what has worked. If others like what I do, that's fantastic, if they do not? Well, that's art. Everyone appreciates different things for different reasons. Second, yes.  Whimsie is me, but stepping back and exploring other things-- such as the embellished pieces and the cross stitch quilt block collection (both of which I love!)-- doesn't mean that I have to abandon the goofy.  I'm slowly coming to the realization (yeah, yeah, not always real quick on the uptake here, folks) that allowing myself to branch out really only helps make the silly, well--


Lil Flakes, Snowfall 6-- Bearing Gifts

I look at, and admire all of these beautiful things that so many of my artist friends are creating. Mind blown, actually, so often! I try not to compare myself to other artists, but it is a challenge. I've been spreading my wings some in the last couple of years, and it is kind of scary. This might not make sense....but while I've always considered myself an artist, I don't often say it-- out loud.

Lil Flakes, Snowfall 6-- One Tweet Kiss

Maybe I need to start.


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