Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 6 Rewild, Rasmussen Woods, Troost Trail

Today's Rewild Walk took me back to Rasmussen Woods on the Troost Pond Trail. I am always amazed at the differences in what I can find from trail to trail in my favorite woods. The next adventure will take me back to the cliffs, hopefully tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I don't mind walking in the rain, but somehow I don't think walking on slippery rocks would be in my best interests! 

I found these odd little mushrooms along the trail. There were two groups of three. They reminded me of flying saucers left behind by some alien insects or something. 

There was a old, dead tree that still stood upright, bark peeled away to expose the trunk beneath and these beautiful squiggled runes and worm holes. Yeah, I'm drawn to the beauty of the dead stuff, too.

A look up the bank to the high trails above.

Today's heart, and one that I found on the prairie loop back in April.

And finally, just a little bit of sweet-and-pretty. 

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